Creating A Safer Medical Lab: What You Need

Posted on: 16 December 2016

As a lead scientist in your medical laboratory, you know that safety and accuracy are key components to a well-run facility. You want to keep your lab technicians and scientists comfortable in a safe working environment while giving them access to the most accurate research documents and recent information as well. To surpass the standards required of your medical research and development lab and have your projects completed with as much precision and detail as possible, make sure you have all the resources and tools you need.

Noise-cancelling equipment

There are many units within your facility that can cause high decibels of sound that not only damage the ears of all laboratory assistants and techs, but causes a lack of communication within the building as well. When people cannot hear one another over the noise of constantly-operating machinery, something dangerous could happen or a miscommunication could occur, and people may not even know. Have noise-cancelling equipment installed that can help reduce the emissions of:

  • nitrogen generators
  • compressors
  • water chillers
  • ultrasonic baths
  • vacuum pumps

Reliable information

As you research chemicals, test subjects, and formulas of the medicinal projects you have, you want to make sure you have access to the most relevant, accurate, and most of all, updated information possible for each specimen you are working with. Your team can gain valuable insight as to the dangerous qualities of a chemical's makeup, its effect on test subjects already, and any known side effects or potential benefits it may have on the people who use it. It's important that you use custom reference material that is certified to be accurate so you are being delivered information you can readily use in your laboratory for your scientific research and study.

Competent staff

It doesn't matter so much how much experience a laboratory assistant or team leader has; what matters is how well they respect the formulas and solutions they work with. An intern or lab tech professional who shows promise is one who always exercises caution and safety with even base chemicals used everyday in science. You want to watch your team closely to see who should be placed in lesser research roles based on their performance and who can advance as a competent and worthy lab member.

Working as a leader in a medical laboratory means you have a lot of responsibility on your hands. With the right tools and information you can lead a team of successful medical researchers and make the world a healthier place.