Tips To Make Your Toddler's Nebulizer Allergy Treatments Bearable And Effective

Posted on: 14 December 2016

If your toddler's pediatrician has prescribed a nebulizer treatment to help relieve some of their allergy symptoms, then there are many things you can do to make sure your child gets the most benefits from the treatments. Since toddlers tend to shy away from the nebulizer machine and may scream or cry when you attempt the treatments, it is vital that you find ways to win the cooperation of your child for the short time necessary to administer their nebulizer treatment. To this end, here are some tips you can try to make your son or daughter's treatments more bearable and effective for everyone involved:

Tip: Familiarize Your Toddler with the Nebulizer's Sounds and Parts

Before you attempt to place the nebulizer's mask on your child, you should first try to familiarize them with all of the machine's sounds and parts. Give your child the mask and let them play with it. Put the mask on yourself and see if you can convince your child to let you put it on them. You can show them what they look like in a mirror to help hold their interest. Turn on the nebulizer and let your child inspect the source of the unfamiliar noise. Your goal is to not scare you child when you first turn on the machine to give them a treatment. If they have heard the sounds and played with the mask for a bit, they will be much less likely to become scared.

Tip: Always Give Treatments in the Same Place

If at all possible, you should always give your toddler their nebulizer treatments in the same location of your home. While this may not always be possible, it is one of the best ways for your child to become comfortable with the process. Just as they understand that their highchair is for eating, so too will they soon realize their nebulizer station is for making them breathe more clearly. Once this information has clicked in their brain, then your child will not fight you during treatments because they have made the connection between the treatments and their ability to breathe easier.

Tip: Provide a Distraction During Their Nebulizer Treatments

Finally, since it is very hard for toddlers to sit in one place for even a few minutes, you should expect it will be no different during their nebulizer treatments. So, to help them stay put during the treatments, provide them with a distraction. Some of the things that make good distractions for toddlers are books. By reading a "special" book during their treatments, you can spend quality time with your toddler, improve their ability to learn later in life, and keep them occupied until their treatment ends.

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